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Orexis International Trading Pte Ltd, was started  in the year 1990, and officially incorporated in the year 1995  in Singapore. Having successfully catered to the varying requirements of vessels from all over the world for over two decades now, the company enjoys distinction of being among the few company that has managed to carve its way up by means of good service and quality results.

The company’s business fields range from Ship Provision Supplies, General Ship Supply, Marine Stores, Crewing Agency and Ship Repairs. We have tie-ups with major shipping companies as representing agents and have supplied multinational vessels with complete Ship Supplies on Singapore waters. We are also the name to reckon with for all sorts of Ship Provision Supplies, Ship Stores and much more.

Hand in hand with our employees we intend to use the success of the recent years to lead Orexis into a continuing economically healthy future. Over the years further services was included into our field of offering, which complete the service profile for the customer looking to maximize savings and time without compromising quality and results. The special quality requirements and the technical expertise, which is essential for the supply of ships, have turned Orexis to an important and reliable partner in the shipping industry.

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